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Sparx Logistics


At SPARX, we treat our IT technology like a
lighthouse – a beacon that burns brighter than those of our competitors.

Featuring ediEnterprise, the industry's only single platform architecture, and ICX, a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS), our supply chain management platform is globally capable and scalable to run any size or type of business. Management, operations and accounts are all included, eliminating the need for additional applications.

All IT systems, which are developed and maintained by our world-class, Hong Kong-based development team, share the following innovative features:

  • Integration: All systems are linked, enabling shipment, warehouse and rate information to be shared via one accurate source.
  • Planning & control: Successful planning involves doing the right things in the right order at the right time. Our systems facilitate the automation of workflows, empowering each employee and manager to process and delegate tasks more efficiently, without delays.
  • EDI communication: Our EDI business module securely connects our team with our customers and partners, creating a secure channel through which information can be shared via a wide range of data formats.